Setup Wizard Like Language Selector


Setup Wizard is shown when the phone is first starting up or rested. It will be nice to create a setup wizard like language selector. This tutorial is all about creating setup wizard like language selector. So the app contain a xml file for ui class file to handle the ui and finally a floating action button. First create the ui with a fab (floating action button). We are using slightly modified “NumberPicker” to get the desired look for the ui. Two methods are also created. One for changing the divider color which separating the selected value and the other for changing text color of displayed names.
Setup Wizard logicchip 1

1. activity_set_up_wizard.xml




Here setDividerColor method is used to change divider color and setNumberPickerTextColor method is for changing text color. Both methods are for getting the desired shape and color of the Setup Wizard.

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