Dynamically add Multiple Runtime Permission

permission at runtime

Permission are a thing now. Presently from Marshmallow on words android require Additional runtime permissions. Above all in order to work properly it’s essential. You know what  mean. Presumably we specify each permissions multiple times in a class. However this tutorial is about adding multiple permissions dynamically.Yes that’s right.First Place all the required permissions in an array then call a method it’s that simple. As a matter of fact Only devices above Marshmallow have runtime permissions.  You must keep in mind that to.


There are two types of permissions.

  1. Normal permissions
  2. Dangerous permissions
1- Normal permission

Presently those permissions the system automatically grants to your app.Permissions Like internet.

2-Dangerous permissions

Similarly those permissions user must agree to grand. Examples are permissions for location ,sms etc…

Download source code for free

Source code

Finally you only need to add which permissions to request in the string array.





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