Floating Search View with Auto Hide for Android

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Floating Search View with auto hide is part of material design. All major app now include floating searchview. For instance here is a simple implementation of floating searchview, with out using any dependencies or library files. It’s a simple and effective way for creating floating searchview for beginners.

Search View

SearchView is a widget that provides a user interface for the user to enter a search query and submit a request to a search provider. Shows a list of query suggestions or results, if available, and allows the user to pick a suggestion or result to launch into.

However searchview come’s with default icon below method shows how to remove it, Else you can replace it custom icons. Furthermore you can always modify it in your own way here.

Even so “Floating searchview” is explained above you can still download it from here, You can modify the code us u like. In like manner feel free to comment your doubt’s below. Does our tutorials help you then help as spread the word, like and share.

5 comments on “Floating Search View with Auto Hide for Android

  1. It is very good!
    Exactly what I was searching for.
    I just had one question to extend the current project…
    can autocomplete(suggestions having a domain on a local listview) be implemented into the current searchbar without causing problems with my current project, as this is just a part of my project…?

  2. What if I want to have tabs below the search-bar, like on Google Play Store main screen, that get snapped and stuck at the top if you scroll down?

    1. There is a simple way create the search view inside fragment’s layout . by using
      ((AppCompatActivity)getActivity()).setSupportActionBar(your_toobar_id); inside your fragments onCreateView (You are setting your fragments toobar as the default toolbar). Hope this help.

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