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Here ,I will show you how to create a custom Navigation Drawer using the auto generated Android Studio Navigation Drawer template. Using the auto generated Android Studio Navigation Drawer gives you are great head start for most of the use cases of Navigation Drawer; however it can also leave you in the middle of nowhere if you want to apply some customization. Here is what our demo app will look like when completed.[the_ad id=”1065″]

Adding Navigation Drawer

Create a new Android project using Android Studio, Select the new project template, select Phone and Tablet as your target devices and choose any API level 16.  Click next and select Activity with Navigation like the image below and click next.[the_ad id=”1065″]
custom-android-navigation-drawer logicchip 1
ject, I have added the following Fragments. No functionality is actually implemented in these fragments, they are used as demo fragment to demonstrate Navigation Drawer

  1. FragmentA
  2. FragmentB
  3. FragmentC
  4. FragmentD

Screen shots

custom-android-navigation-drawer logicchip 2



As you can see below we commented the NavigationView and replaced it with Our LinearLayout.




You can download full code from here, You can modify the code us u like. In like manner feel free to comment your doubt’s below. Does our tutorials help you then help as spread the word, like and share.

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    1. Create a navigation activity replace the nav menu with a recyclerview add adapter to that,create a listener(to handle the clicks of your menu adapter) implements it in the parent activity,

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