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Currency Converter

Currency Converter it’s a simple online application for converting currency. It’s web based that means it uses the latest currency rates. You can convert more than 170+ currencies. In fact it’s a perfect tool for travelers that need to calculate the exchange in different countries. Exchange Euro EUR to dollar USD or to Indian rupee INR in a easy way. However new digital currency BITCOIN is now on the currency converter.

Custom button for saving frequent conversion’s. It can be easily modified according to user preference.

How does currency converter work ?

It work’s by using google’s converter. Yes google has an finance converter, This app utilizes that converter. Basic working of the app is , First enter the amount then select the currency’s to convert from the spinner. Where the currency from and whereto.

Is it accurate?

Yes it is. Use of google’s converter make’s it accurate.

Is it fast ?

It’s fast compare to other currency converters, because the process and data exchange behind the conversion is low.

Does it work’s offline ?

No it wont work offline, require an internet connection to work. However that can be a good thing, you can get the latest currency rates.

Advantage’s from other currency converter’s ?

Above all it’s web based, Dedicated button for favorites and app is very lite. Accordingly lite means less space for app to install and less utilization of resources. Resources like battery,ram,processor and connectivity.

Does the app save the search history ?

No, no search history is saved. Saving data means consuming resources and that can affect performance. Not much but it can be factor. Furthermore it increase the size of the application.

Is it free ?

As a matter of fact it is, only method for generating revenue is by ads.

Does this app shows live currency rates ?

It won’t show any live rates. Still it uses latest currency rates.

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