Chip icon – Round chip icon using picasso library android

Chip icon - Round chip icon using picasso library android

Chip icon using picasso library

Chip (s) are compact elements that represent an attribute, text, entity, or action. They allow users to enter information, select a choice, filter content, or trigger an action.

Chip manages its own start (app:chipIcon) and end (app:closeIcon) drawables. Picasso allows for hassle-free image loading . Normal case picasso load images and that image is converted to drawable for Icon. Which works only if image is already cached. Otherwise the resulting icon is placeholder image or error image.By using trigger a callback is created which will get the image and place it.It only works by using setTag, With out “setTag” trigger get garbage collected.

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A ChipGroup is used to hold multiple Chips. By default, the chips are reflowed across multiple lines. Set the app:singleLine attribute to constrain the chips to a single horizontal line. If you do so, you’ll usually want to wrap this ChipGroup in a HorizontalScrollView.

ChipGroup also supports a multiple-exclusion scope for a set of chips. When you set the app:singleSelection attribute, checking one chip that belongs to a chip-group unchecks any previously checked chip within the same group. The behavior mirrors that of RadioGroup.


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