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Tab View Inside Navigation Drawer

To create a project that displays Tab View inside navigation drawer selection. By simple step by step process. It’s simple to combine tab view inside navigation drawer. First start by creating a “Navigation Drawer Activity” in android studio (assuming you are aware of those things). Second part is to create a fragments to handle the Read more about Tab View Inside Navigation Drawer[…]


Count Notification For Menu Item and Launcher Icon

Yes we can display Count Notification in action bar and launcher icon. Before creating Count Notification in launcher icon and action bar menu item we need to know some facts. First one is that the native method for creating Count Notification in android launcher icon is deprecated long time ago. The possible solution is to Read more about Count Notification For Menu Item and Launcher Icon[…]

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Streaming Audio In Android

For creating a audio streaming in android you must be aware of some things. Mainly database,web service,json array,php things like that. This project can be tricky. Wamp server is used us the server for php and database. The advantage of using php is it’s very easy to setup and test. Android support streaming default.only need Read more about Streaming Audio In Android[…]

Alert dialog box

Alert Dialog Box With Dynamic Content

In this post we are talking about creating dynamic content in alert dialog box.This is not the correct way but it is a way. It’s mostly for beginners in android developing. where we want to use dynamic content for alertdialog box.Like a sub catogery in categorys.managing and utilising space of mobile screen more effectively. First Read more about Alert Dialog Box With Dynamic Content[…]